Jul 24, 2012

Las Vegas Photography Project: Tuscany Suites & Casino

Tucked away only a few hundred yards away from the glitz and glamour of the Strip lies Las Vegas' best kept secrets: The Tuscany Suites & Casino.  You will not find a better value so near to the Las Vegas Strip; the rooms are large, all amenities you can think of, a  nice sized casino, and of course significantly cheaper than their Las Vegas Blvd. counterparts.  Best of all, the Tuscany Suites & Casino  property is gorgeous, visually appealing, the landscaping lush and beautiful, and the angles of the architecture pleasing, and organic.
Photographer Henri Sagalow expertly captures the vibrant energy of this place with his camera lens.  He shows a side of the Tuscany even people familiar with the property can appreciate.  Photography should be fun, and Henri is a master of mixing fun with work in a way that translates into lively, dynamic photography.    

Please enjoy the work of Henri Sagalow, and enjoy this hidden gem of lovely Las Vegas photography!  Take it from a former guest of the hotel, it is an awesome place to stay in Vegas, for tourists and locals alike.  At the Tuscany, you get all of the same Strip action without the Strip crowd or the prices.

To contact Henri Sagalow to photograph your Las Vegas property, please call 702-256-3157 or contact@sagalow.com to reach Henri via email.